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The Network is an empowering community designed for women, celebrating creativity, entrepreneurship, and collaboration. We're dedicated to boosting confidence, nurturing personal and creative growth, and fostering mutual accountability among our incredible members—refining your brand through visuals to strategy.

Members enjoy exclusive perks such as early bird discounts for memberships and events. Plus, here's an exciting opportunity: members can apply to become a Creative Agent, amplifying their impact within our vibrant community. Join us on the journey of empowerment and creativity.


Calling All Female Creatives.
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The Network!

Providing opportunities to empower and service women. 

Creative Agents
Not actively seeking a community of creatives because you need one? Consider the perks of having access to our creative agents, who align with your values and business goals. Please explore our other creative services by finding your Creative Agent.

Don’t shrink yourself by not hydrating your own creative abilities…everyone has a dry season…but in order to fully bloom…you must be willing to endure the time it takes to be watered and grow…there is nothing wrong with re-evaluating what it is that you truly want out of your work or talent…you’re constantly evolving with the times of the world…its human for things to change.

– Tamara G. Bernaski
Founder/CEO of SHERADIATES Creations

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