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Meet Tamara Gilchrist Bernaski

Meet the heart and soul behind SHERADIATES Creations, a devoted wife and Christ-follower hailing from Decatur, GA. SHE is an Atlanta-based Brand and Event Photographer, Brand Strategist, Content Creator, UGC Creator, and Social Media Manager known for crafting captivating magic for brands, businesses, and events. SHE excels in weaving dynamic narratives through her lens, empowering women through imagery, discipleship, and poems.


As the Founder, CEO, and Creative Agent of SHERADIATES Creations, SHE is on a mission to elevate women's brands with compelling visual storytelling photography and strategic expertise. Her impactful project, Sticking2Positivity, is a testament to her commitment to spreading positivity through inspirational sticky notes. SHE has always had a passion for the creative arts ever since SHE was a little girl, and it came naturally for her to help spark that creative fire in others; hence why SHE founded SHERADIATES Creations!


SHERADIATES Creations began to blossom in 2019, but the seeds were planted years ago! SHE has consistently nurtured her other talents, which include being a creative director, photographer, brand strategist, and content creator.

Wait A Minute?! “Why am I seeing all this SHE and things written in the third person?”

NOW…don’t be alarmed...SHE speaks in the third person when SHE writes sometimes...capitalizes SHE...writes three dots instead of using commas or periods...and SHE loves to write metaphorical poems referencing the natural elements and objects that surrounds her...SHE hopes that you get a glimpse of her love for God…vibrant creations and her willingness to empower women to support each other while exploring this website.

Ways To Work With Tamara

Media Inquiries

Podcast, Interviews, Events, Guest
Blogging/Vlogging, & More!

SHE is available to speak at events, on podcasts, in guest blogs, and more! Please reach out to her if you are interested! Currently, her speaking topics are on women empowerment, radiating confidence, stepping into God’s purpose, how to maneuver as an entrepreneur, building a strategic personal and/or business brand, and curating BOMB content that attracts one’s target audience.

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Where is SHE featured?!

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Get in touch with Tamara directly on social media: @itstamaragb
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